A HEALTHIO Video a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


HEALTHIO is an Innovation Arena where Patients/Citizens, Health Professionals, and Innovators (whether small startups or large multinationals) can interact, collaborate, and showcase their projects and/or products to improve health and wellbeing through innovation.

The first HEALTHIO event was held in May 2017 and drew over 3,400 people representing 95 different institutions.

Patients/citizens, health professionals, and innovators or anyone else interested in health and wellbeing could interact in 25 different HEALTHIO Itineraries at the Innovation Arena.

Different presentation formats and chats powered a vast range of interactions in this Innovation Arena which endeavors to assemble and bind together the three cornerstones of the health system (patients/citizens, health professionals, and innovators) in a single space and time.

The HEALTHIO Agora-Chats on a total of 311 topics aimed to democratize the regular format of medical chats and enable Healthio attendees to listen to talks by hospital managers and assistant managers, heads of patient associations, family and community doctors, nurses, patients, innovators, heads of multinationals, and start-up founders, as well as many other profiles.

Some of the chats are now available on the HEALTHIO YouTube channel and we invite you to watch one of the HEALTHIO Agora-Chat videos each day, featuring numerous innovations explained by patients, health professionals, and innovators in the areas of health and wellbeing, personalized medicine, chronic disease and aging.  

If you want to participate in HEALTHIO 2018 please contact us and suggest an Agora-Chat, a chat in a different format, or any other type of engagement.


Various companies and innovators introduced their latest innovations.

Dr. Shafi Ahmed, Medical Realities

Present and Future of Virtual Realities | HEALTHIO 2017

Pasquale Fedele, BrainControl

Brain Control | HEALTHIO 2017

Guillermo Ibáñez García, Sanitas

Hello Blua: Hello to Digital Health Insurance | HEALTHIO 2017


Executives from different health centers provided their insight into the health of the future.

 Dr.Josep Maria Campistol, Hospital Clínic

The Hospital of the Future | HEALTHIO 2017

Dr. Cesar Velasco, Hospital Vall d’Hebron

Care Innovation | HEALTHIO 2017


Patients and/or citizens featured heavily in many of the 311 Agora-Chats.

Laura Pujol, Psoriasis Action Group

Experiences in Handling Chronic Disease | HEALTHIO 2017

Dr. Joan Escarrabill, Hospital Clínic

The patient: the “underutilized member” of the healthcare team | HEALTHIO 2017

Jesus Alcober, AlterAid 

The Chronic Patient’s Journey | HEALTHIO 2017


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