10 Unforgettable Moments at HEALTHIO


HEALTHIO is a Fira de Barcelona platform covering the entire health ecosystem where stakeholders can learn about, try out, and experience the innovations at the cutting-edge of health.

The first HEALTHIO event took place from 3 to 5 May 2017 and was a meeting point for Patients/Citizens, Health Professionals, and Innovators (start-ups or large companies).

HEALTHIO drew over 3,400 people representing 95 different institutions.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 6.57.41 PM.png
Clic here for Healthio 2017 Program PDF

HEALTHIO featured a fully innovative format, with the staging of 25 experiential itineraries, 311 simultaneous speeches in five agora-chats throughout the event, seminars and workshops, and co-creation sessions.

The 25 experiential itineraries were led by 30-plus guides who explained and accompanied participants in the discovery of each itinerary under the umbrella of HEALTHIO’S crosscutting themes of Health and Wellbeing, Personalized Medicine, Chronic Diseases, and Aging.

There were many standouts at the latest HEALTHIO event, but as we can’t mention them all in one go, we decided to draw up lists with 10 unforgettable moments:

  • When Dr. Shafi Ahmed (Medical Realities) contextualized virtual reality.
  • When Dr. Josep María Campistol (Hospital Clínic) brought us into contact with the hospitals of the future.
  • When Dr. Cesar Velasco (Hospital Vall d’Hebron) spoke about care innovation.
  • When two-time cancer survivor Susana Frouchtmann (Helping Cancer) narrated her experiences.
  • When Dr. Joan Escarabill (Hospital Clínic) explained how to empower patients.
  • When Dr. Rafael Grossmann (EMHS, Maine) took us immediately into the future with exponential technologies.
  • When Dr. Pasquale Fedele (LIQUIDWEB s.r.l. / BrainControl) left us open-mouthed with astonishment explaining how to control a robot with your mind.
  • When Guillermo Ibañez (Sanitas) set out the details of Blua digital health insurance.
  • When Andreu Vea (Internet Society) discussed his brother Joaquim’s experience confronting allergy desensitization to be able to continue with his chemotherapy.
  • When Dr. Jordi Serrano (Healthio cofounder) summarized this edition of Healthio and outlined certain aspects of the next one.

More lists of 10 new moments will be released soon.

These speeches, together with many others, are now available on the HEALTHIO YouTube channel.

Multiple Innovations (explained by Patients, Health Professionals, and Innovators) related to Health and Wellbeing, Personalized Medicine, Chronic Diseases, and Aging are waiting to be heard by you.

We invite you to enjoy one of these videos every day and, if you would like to take part in HEALTHIO 2018, please don’t hesitate to contact us and propose your engagement model.

We look forward to seeing you at HEALTHIO 2018 at Fira de Barcelona from 16 to 18 October.

Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons

Co-founder, HEALTHIO


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