HEALTHIO mobilizes with World Physical Activity Day



The health ecosystem is celebrating. Today, 6 April, is World Physical Activity Day, an event that promotes physical activity as an essential part of health and wellbeing and raises awareness of the importance of making an active lifestyle part of our daily lives from early childhood on.

Physical inactivity is the second-leading risk factor for death in Western countries – two out of every 10 adults leads a sedentary life.


Today we encourage you not to spend more time sitting down than you have to and that you walk 10,000 steps as the World Health Organization recommends. Now more than ever we suggest you take the stairs and spend five minutes stretching at your workstation to “be more active every day”, in the words of this year’s World Day.

The message sums up the initiative launched in 2002 by Brazilian outfit Agita Mundo, an independent organization backed by WHO and one which, it says, is essential in the fight against physical inactivity.


#WorldPhysicalActivityDay was a trending topic last year and #WPAC18 is set to be again now as increasingly more institutions and people sign up to the initiative. HEALTHIO wishes you an active World Physical Health Day!

We look forward to seeing you at HEALTHIO 2018 at Fira de Barcelona from 16 to 18 October.

Dr. Jordi Serrano Pons

Co-founder, HEALTHIO


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