Sanitas Hospitales to feature at HEALTHIO

Sanitas Hospitales  has chosen to engage in HEALTHIO 2018.


Sanitas Hospitales is getting heavily behind health-service innovation and leading edge, rolling out technologies and infrastructures across all of its centers, particularly Hospital Sanitas La Zarzuelaand Hospital Sanitas CIMA.

HEALTHIO is an Innovation Arena where Patients/Citizens, Health Workers, and Innovators (whether small startups or large businesses) can interact in a highly immersive format.


Sanitas Hospitales will engage in multiple HEALTHIO 2018 itineraries, including Health Promotion and Prevention Activities, Advances in Virtual Reality, TheFuture of Telemedicine,and Apps, Wearables, and Personalized Health Monitoring.

The institution will have a lot to say about its new groundbreaking implementations.

One example coming up very soon is the 5 July launch of the “Connected Health”pilot program.  Hospital CIMA chief executive Antoni Giró presented the program together with the medical team, as reported in La Vanguardia.

We will shortly also be able to keep you updated and informed about the innovations that Sanitas Hospitales will present at HEALTHIO 2018 and the Chats-Agoras innovators to get involved.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 5.02.57 PM


The second edition of HEALTHIO is drawing nearer and preparations are already under way.

HEALTHIO 2018 will be held at Fira de Barcelona from 16 to 18 October. Many of the participants of the first edition in 2017 have confirmed they will be back and numerous new health workers, innovators, patient groups, institutions, and companies have also said they will take part in HEALTHIO 2018.

If you still don’t know the #HEALTHIOItineraries make sure you check out our post: What is a #HEALTHIOItinerary?

Other new participants at HEALTHIO 2018:

  1. Health & Bio Team Dating  from Banco Sabadell and Biocat will also engage in HEALTHIO 2018. More information at this post.
  2. Idibell will take part in HEALTHIO 2018




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